Configure Outlook 2016

  1.  Open Outlook 2016 from the Start Menu
  2.  On the top left, click the ‘File’ tab
  3.  Click on ‘Add Account
  4. Enter your email address
  5. click ‘Advanced’ link and check the box to set up the account manually
  6. Click the ‘Connect’ button
  7. Choose POP or IMAP (IMAP is recommended)
  8.  On the next page, enter your Incoming and Outgoing settings
    1. Server - this is your mail server (e.g.
    2. Port - for IMAP, the secure port is 993. For outgoing ports, use 465/587
    3. Encryption - SSL/TLS
    4. Check the box, ‘ Require login using Secure Password Authentication
  9. Click ‘Next’ button
  10. Enter your password and click ‘Connect
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