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Gain client trust by safeguarding their data

Domain Validated SSL Certificate (Single Site)

This is a standard yet popular Domain Validated (DV) certificate due to its low cost and rapid insurance process. It offers a basic level of assurance to site users by displaying https and activating the little padlock icon in the URL space of web browsers. With its encryption strength of 256-bit, it’s an ideal solution for protecting a single entry level site. View Full Product Details

Organisation Validated SSL Certificate (Single Site)

This requires a company to complete a standard vetting procedure before the certificate is issued. This process just ensures that you are a legitimate company and will then allow you to share this freely across your site. Any small-to-medium sized business interested in going beyond standard encryption and beefing up their trust should consider this certificate.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate (Wildcard)

This is a very popular wildcard certificate, as it offers full 256-bit encryption for one main domain and an unlimited amount of associated subdomains. Plus, being a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, it can be issued in a matter of minutes. View Full Product Details