How to Install Drupal on cPanel

  1. Login to your cPanel account.
  2. Go to Softaculous under Software.
  3. Find Drupal and click on it.

Software Setup

  1. Software setup page will appear
  2. Select the version you want to install
  4. Choose the Domain you want to install on.
  5. Under CRON Job use the default setting.
  6. Under Site Name enter the name you want for your site.

Admin Account

  1. Admin Username - Enter the username you will use to manage your Drupal website. We recommend you NOT use "admin" or your NetID for this administrative user name.
  2. Admin Password - Enter a strong password for the admin user.
  3. Admin Email - Enter a valid email address.

Advanced Options (these are optional)

  1. Under Database Name – choose a name to use for your database
  2. Under Table Prefix – leave the default
  3. Under Backup Location - Choose the default if you would like website backups done by Softaculous. Softaculous must be used to restore these backups.
  4. Under Automated Backups - Choose the frequency of backups. Keep in mind these backups will take up your cPanel disk space.
  5. Under Backup Rotation - Choose how many backups you would like to keep online for restores.
  6. When all is done click on Install. The process will take several minutes and when it's done you will get a message with a link to admin login for your new website.
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