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Secure your website today!

SSL Certificates gives you the much needed security for your website and also boost your clients’ trust. You can get yours from as little as $18 per year.

There are 3 (three) types of SSL certificates that we offer and each gives a different level of trust to your website visitors. These are:

  • Domain Validated (DV) SSL
  • Organisation Validated (OV) SSL
  • Extended Validated (EV) SSL

Domain Validated (DV) SSL

This type of certificate provides a basic level of protection to your website and it also instills a basic level of trust in your website visitors. It is the most popular type because of its rapid issuance and affordability. The presence of this certificate will be shown by the padlock icon and an https protocol that will be displayed on the left side of the browser’s URL field. You can get this certificate for only $18 dollars per year. Click here to secure your website today..

Organisation Validated (OV) SSL

The Organisation Validated SSL takes a little longer than the Domain validated SSL to be issued due to the fact that the organisation has to go through some standard vetting first. This is done to make sure that your company is legitimate. This certificate shows your organisation’s name when a website visitor clicks on the lock icon. This certificate is going for only $118 per year. To get this SSL click here

Extended Validated (EV) SSL

This is the most sophisticated type of SSL and its presence is shown by a green bar on the left side of the browser’s URL field. This green bar will lead to increased trust in your web visitors. To get approved for this SSL, your organisation has to undergo a thorough vetting process and this sometimes takes a while to be completed. However, this process will be totally worth it, more trust lead to more sales. You can have this your EV SSL for $278 per year. Click here to get this SSL