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SSL or Digital certificates are not only great when it comes to securing your site, they come with a number of other benefits as well. Get your SSL Certificate and be on the road to establishing your brand online.

DV SSL Certificate

This is a standard yet popular Domain Validated (DV) certificate due to its low cost and rapid insurance process. It offers a basic level of assurance to site users by displaying https and activating the little padlock icon in the URL space of web browsers. With its encryption strength of 256-bit, it’s an ideal solution for protecting a single entry level site.
$18 / year
  • Single Site

OV SSL Certificate

This requires a company to complete a standard vetting procedure before the certificate is issued. This process just ensures that you are a legitimate company and will then allow you to share this freely across your site. Any small-to-medium sized business interested in going beyond standard encryption and beefing up their trust should consider this certificate.
$118 / year
  • Single Site

EV SSL Certificate

The vetting process for EV is thorough, typically taking between 1-10 business days. However, once the process is completed, the certificate will be issued and the green address bar will display around your URL. There is no greater indicator of trust internet than the green address bar and the validation process is well worth the time.
$270 / year
  • Single Site

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Why you need an SSL Certificate

Identity Affirmation

An SSL Certificate will assure your web visitors that you are really who you say you are.

Data Protection

An SSL or Digital Certificate will protect your data from prying third parties or hackers.

Boosting clients' trust

Having an SSL certificate will give assurance to your clients that their data is safe.

Improved Search Engine ranking

Search engines favor sites with SSL Certificates installed so having one will help your website rank higher.

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