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This is the most popular domain extension and was created for commercial websites, so if you have a commercial website this is the right extension for you. The advantage of owning a .com domain is that your company will be recognized internationally for it is one of the TLDs( Top Level Domains). You can get it for only $13.39 per year


One of the TLDs and mostly suitable for Internet service providers, network services, online technology companies, and database providers. If you are in this line of business, then this is the right domain name for you. Get this extension for as little as $17.29 per year.


Make your organisation visible by having the .org domain extension. This extension was tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations. You can get yours for only $16.49 per year.

This is a local domain name extension and it shows your clients that you are operating in Zimbabwe thereby boosting their trust in your business. Another benefit of having this domain name is that it will improve your SEO( Search engine optimization). This domain name is going for only $2.50 per year