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Why not having an SSL Certificate is costing you business

Why not having an SSL Certificate is costing you business

An SSL Certificate is all about security, that is it secures your website against prying third parties. It achieves this by encrypting the data that is shared between a server and the browser (eg Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox) that your web visitor is using. Its absence is shown by the http prefix in the URL field.

Photo :Pixabay

Not having an SSL certificate has a negative effect on your business in that it reduces the trust that your web visitors have in your website thereby reducing web traffic and conversions. Another serious issue that might arise from the absence of an SSL certificate is that of information being stolen from your website thereby putting your web visitors at risk. 

There are 3 types of SSL Certificates from which you can choose and these are:

  • Domain validated SSL
  • Organisation validated SSL
  • Extended Validated SSL

Each type offers a different level of security and this translates into different levels of confidence website visitors will have in your site. 

1. Domain validated (DV) SSL

This is a certificate that provides a basic level of protection to your website as well as your visitors. It is the most popular type of SSL because of its rapid issuance. Its installation takes very little time normally less than a day. After the installation of this certificate a padlock icon and an https protocol will be displayed on the left side of the browser’s URL field. An example is highlighted in green below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is https-3344700_640.jpg

2. Organisation validated (OV) SSL

This type of SSL certificate takes a little longer than the Domain validated SSL to be issued. This is due to the organisation having to go through vetting. This type of SSL certificate confirms the organisation’s existence. After the certificate is issued, the organisation’s name is displayed when the web visitor clicks on the padlock icon.

3. Extended validated (EV) SSL

This SSL certificate shows the highest level of reliability. Your organisation goes through a thorough vetting process to ensure that you are really who you claim to be before it is issued. This certificate displays the company’s name in the browser address bar and a green bar will be displayed in the URL field.

Benefits of having an SSL Certificate

Secure communication between server and browser

An SSL Certificate secures communication between the browser that your web visitor is using and the server on which your website is stored. This eliminates the risk of phishing and cyber attacks. This protects your users’ sensitive information like credit card details, email addresses and banking details that they provide on your website. Your web visitors will therefore not hesitate to provide their details on your website thereby increasing your chances of converting.

Builds trust in the mind of the customer and improves his/her confidence

For business to thrive the customer should have a degree of trust in the service/product provider and an SSL certificate will help you achieve this. When your web visitors notice the padlock icon on your website they will feel secure and will put their trust in your website. The main aim to convert visitors into paying customers, will therefore be achieved.

Ranking benefits given by Google to SSL enabled websites

Google gives top ranking to websites that have SSL certificates. It even gives warnings and alerts to web visitors when they visit a website without security. Web visitors will most likely turn back when they see such alerts. As google gives top priority to secured websites,  you will have a competitive advantage over other businesses offering the same service as you. More exposure to potential clients equals a higher chance of converting them. 

In a nutshell, it is very important that you install an SSL certificate on your website so as to ensure that no one tempers with your website as well as your web visitors sensitive information. This in turn will increase your website conversions as well as your income.

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How to increase income via website conversions

How to increase income via website conversions

It is always great to have a large number of visitors flocking to your website but that is not the ultimate goal of online marketing. The purpose of luring people to your website is for you to convert them to paying customers at the end of the day. This is where your website design and organisation comes into play. You should make sure that your website is captivating to those who land there. As a business person, you should therefore employ all ways possible to ensure that those website visitors do not abandon your website but end up buying your services or products. After rigorous online marketing campaigns, website conversion is the main goal. When website conversions increase, then we can say that your marketing efforts have been successful.

There are basically two types of conversions namely: 

  • Prospect to lead
  • Lead to customer

Prospect to lead

This is whereby a website visitor responds to your calls to action and signs up. When they do this they become a potential lead or customer. This is the first stage of conversion in most cases. It is a sign that this particular web visitor is interested in your services or products.

Lead to customer 

This type of conversion entails a lead actually buying something from you. This is therefore the most important type of conversion as the final aim of making a sale and thereby increasing income will be achieved. As a business it is always a highlight when someone visits your website and actually buys something.

There are a number of ways that one can adopt to ensure that website visitors are converted into customers. These ways include:

  • Use of high quality images
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Clearly stating the benefits of the product or service
  • Offering free trial 
  • Testimonials and social proof 
  • Offering various paying options
  • Installing live chat 
  • A/B testing 
  • The use of exit intent popup
  • The use of social media snippets

These ways are explained in detail below.

Use of high quality images

Visuals are a great way to lure potential clients so it is important that you choose the best ones for your website. Poor quality images are often repulsive so you might find that even though you might have succeeded in attracting visitors to your website you will not be able to make a single sale. Even if your products are the best potential clients will not buy if you upload poor quality pictures. Those poor images will give the impression that your product is of poor quality as well. Before someone buys a product he /she wants to be sure of the quality. 

 People can assess the quality of a product through seeing, touching and in some instances taking the product for a test drive. Since it is impossible for a potential client to touch a product or take it for a test drive online, it is very important for you to provide the best pictures of your product on the website to assure potential clients of the quality of your merchandise. The perception of web visitors is that image quality correlates with product quality. Studies have shown that good quality images lead to a higher conversion rate so always make your images irresistible.

If you choose to use images of people you should make sure that you use those of happy smiling people. These have the tendency of drawing people. Studies have shown that websites with happy people have higher conversion rates.  An example is shown below.

Photo: Jopwell, Pexels

Uploading an image of  your product in context is also another way of convincing your web visitors to buy from you, for example if you are selling curtains you can show them in a room setting where there is a carpet and couch and all the decor. The idea is to make the visitors envision themselves using the product and therefore give them the desire to buy. The image below is an example of showing  a product in context, let’s say we are selling curtains.

Photo: Victoria Borodinova, Pexels

Where possible also try to provide alternate and detailed views of your products. This gives the potential client a detailed idea about your product which in turn will boost their confidence in your product. If you do this properly you might see some of your web visitors signing up and becoming leads and some actually becoming real customers. 

You should avoid using stock photos on your website, opt for real ones. 

Landing page optimization

The landing page is the first page that web visitors see when they visit your website so you should make sure that it looks attractive and friendly so as to capture your visitors’ interest. It is advisable to keep the page simple so as to avoid confusing your visitors. To successfully convert your web visitors into leads and eventually into actual paying clients, you need to go through a process called landing page optimization. By definition landing page optimization refers to the process of improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions. Optimizing the landing page includes the use of recognizable, straight forward calls to action, use of the right colors, the use of readable headers and  organizing your website the right way.

Use of recognizable, straight forward calls to action

When having your website designed you should make sure that your website developer puts calls to action that are recognisable and straightforward. No web visitor wants to spend time looking for a call to action button so you should make them visible and easy to locate. Calls to action should stand out if you want your visitors to take action.

Use of the right colors 

Always use the right colors on your landing page. People are always attracted by beautiful and appropriate colors so choose them wisely. It is a great disappointment to have a tremendous number of visitors and then have no conversions at all just because your colors are not appealing enough. It is always a good thing to use colors that define the personality of your company or business.A website that offers infant related services should be different from a more professional website e.g that of lawyers.

Use of readable headers

This is a very essential part of your landing page optimisation. Your header should be written in fonts that are easy to read. Avoid using fancy fonts that are not clear. In this era people no longer have patience which means that noone is going to spend their time trying to read your headers. If they find it hard to read the headers they will not take action.

 Organizing your website the right way

A lot of clutter on a website can be off putting for some website visitors. They can just view and leave your website without taking any action. An organised website shows professionalism. If people feel that you are professional then they will be willing to do business with you. The ultimate goal of increasing your income via website conversions will therefore be recognised.

Clearly stating the benefits of the product or service

As I mentioned earlier, clients need to have as much information as possible about a product before they can make a purchase. To increase your website conversion rate you therefore need to convince your website visitors that your product is of the best quality. This can be done by clearly stating the benefits of your product rather than just stating the specifications. You have to make your web visitors feel like they really need the product you are offering. 

Offering free trials

If your goal is to increase your income through website conversions, offering free trials will be of much help. The benefit of offering free trials is that your potential clients’ curiosity about your service or product as well as your customer service will be satisfied. Most people are afraid to commit to something they are not sure of so offering a free trial will satisfy the questions that they might have. Free trials also show that you as the provider are confident about your product. If the potential clients are satisfied by your service they will most likely buy the product thereby increasing your website conversion rate

Free trials, however do not work in all cases. They are best for products or services like SaaS (software as a service).  If you are offering services or products, for example, clothes which can not be offered for free, giving a discount will be a good option.

Testimonials and social proof 

Another thing you should do as a business person to increase income via website conversions is to have your clients write testimonials for you. If your web visitors see positive feedback from your previous or current customers they will be assured that your products or services are good and they might want to join too. As a business person you should build trust in your visitor in order for them to convert to paying clients. 

You can also put some of your ‘big’ clients on your landing page as social proof. However, you should always ask for approval from the clients before you do so. Stating reputable companies on your website will boost your web visitors’ confidence in your product and might lure them to buy.

Offering various paying options

Make sure that you provide various payment channels on your website. For instance, some clients may not comfortable using paypal so you should  provide alternatives. Some of your web visitors might try to purchase your product and fail due to the payment channel provided. Clear contact details will also help in this case, if someone experiences difficulties they might choose to contact you.  It will be a great disappointment to lose a client due to such a simple issue.

Installing live chat 

Good public relations will never fail you when it comes to engaging people. It is therefore essential that you have a live chat on your website so that when a prospective client has a query they will get a response instantly. According to research done,visitors are likely to choose a live chat over a contact form. If you interact with your visitors in a satisfactory way they will most likely convert.

A/B testing 

A/B testing is the process of preparing different landing page designs and presenting them to different segments of website visitors. This is used to determine which design works best. This process enables you, as a website owner, to play around with the organisation and colors of your website and see which one converts best. If you do this properly you will see that your website conversions go up and in turn the ultimate goal of increasing income will be achieved. 

The use of exit intent popups

The use of exit intent popups is also another way of increasing your website conversions. Exit intent popups use exit intent technology which is a technology that can track and monitor your web visitors mouse clicks and movements. When the technology senses your visitors cursor heading for that ‘X’ or close button in the browser a popup is triggered. You can choose the popup that works best for you for example it might be a special discount or an important tip. The purpose of a popup is to give your visitors a reason to stick around. 

The use of social media snippets

One might be wondering what a social media snippet is. A social media snippet is a preview of a page that is used when you share that page on social media. Instead of a simple link, users get additional information about the content behind the link.

People are normally attracted by visuals so providing a snippet will generate more interest than just providing a link. Links have the tendency of making things look vague. People will not be sure about the content they will find if they follow that link. A snippet will increase web visitors’ trust and will therefore increase the chance of them acting when they get to your website. This will result in an increase in website conversions. 

To conclude, it is every business owner’s goal to make money through their website. Rigorous marketing campaigns lure visitors to the website but those visitors should, at the end of the day, become paying customers. Employing the strategies above can help you achieve this

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How to improve your online presence

How to improve your online presence

Laptop showing the search engine Google
Photo: 377053 from Pixabay

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to have his/her business flourish in every way possible. Contrarily, this is becoming harder and harder each day as competition is becoming more intense due to businesses now having to play on the global level. Dreams, however, can still come true if the right strategies are employed. As an entrepreneur, one needs to ‘read the times’  for him/her to keep up with the fast-changing business environment. You should understand that the era we are living in right now is the technological era, where almost everyone is turning to technology for solutions. Rather than looking for solutions physically, people are opting to use the internet. It is therefore of paramount importance that as a solutions provider, you are at the right place at the right time, employing the right tools to withstand the fierce competition.  When prospective clients come looking for solutions online, be there. 

There are measures that can be taken to ensure that your presence is felt online. These are:

  • Having a functional website 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Finding the perfect hosting provider
  • Choosing the right domain name
  • Installing an SSL certificate on your website and,
  • Maximum utilisation of social media platforms

A detailed explanation on each of the measures is provided below.

Having a functional website 

A website is a very powerful marketing tool so the first step that you should take towards making your business visible online is having your website developed in the right way. By ‘right way’ I mean the website should be able to attract prospective clients as well as sell the products and services as intended. To achieve this end one should make sure that he/ she chooses the best web developer for the job. There are two major aspects you should consider when having a website developed. These are:

  • Functionality/Usability
  • Design 


Today’s business environment is highly competitive so to survive you should have your website developed in a way that puts you at the top. Make sure that your website is designed in such a way that your visitors will find it easy to read, navigate and understand. The visually impaired should also be taken into account when having your website developed. Choosing a professional website developer will ensure that this is achieved. It is also of much importance that the website gets proper testing before launching.  I’m sure no one would want the website to malfunction whilst a potential client is visiting. This will give an impression that you are not professional at what you are doing, even if your products are the best. 

It is also essential for your website to be mobile friendly for a great number of customers will prefer browsing using their mobile phones. Stay ahead of others by making sure that your business is accessible on all devices.


Beautifully designed websites are bound to attract more visitors so you have to be careful when choosing the design for your website. This includes the colors that you are going to use as well as the organisation of the website. Most web visitors will leave your website without even viewing your products or services if they feel that your website is not friendly enough or if your website does not catch their eye.

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most significant factors you should take into consideration when you want to improve your online presence. Search engine optimization when defined in simple terms, refers to the process that website owners go through to ensure that their sites get top rankings in search engines, for example Google.  A good website design is the first step towards effective search engine optimization. 

Whereas humans are attracted by pictures and videos and are able to understand what those visuals mean, search engines ‘see’ differently. What may seem beautiful to the human eye may be confusing to a search engine. This is due to search engines detecting things that are not visible to the human eye, for example titles, headers and descriptive text. If therefore, your site has some components that are mislabeled or missing altogether, your website will get low rankings on search engines. 

It is also important for one to know that whenever a keyword is typed in the search box, the search engine filters through millions and millions of websites and displays those that it finds easy to understand and are of good quality. Having your website developer include some key words and components and key words when developing your website is therefore of paramount importance. One should also be aware that people in this era want to find things easily so it would be wise to use keywords that people usually use. 

Search engines also get an idea about your website using other sources, for example social media platforms and other websites. It is therefore important to improve the information concerning your website that is found on other sites.

Finding the best hosting provider

Having a professional and reliable website hosting provider is also another way of improving your online presence or visibility. One may ask how web hosting contributes to online presence, but the speed at which a page loads affects a website’s ranking on google. It is therefore of significance that a website owner finds a hosting provider that offers excellent services. 

The hosting package chosen should also have enough bandwidth and storage space. It will be a major drawback for a visitor to try and access the website, only to find that your website is not accessible because you have run out of bandwidth or storage. Your hosting provider should be able to help you keep your website running always.

Choosing the right domain name

A domain name is the name that is used to access your website online. A properly formulated domain name will ensure that you are easily found on the internet. When choosing your domain name try to choose something that is catchy and easy to remember. This should also give a hint about what your core business is. With the fierce competition for clients that is in the business environment, it is best to use a short and precise domain name. If clients find your domain difficult to remember or too long, it is possible that they will opt for another website. 

Choosing the right prefix or extension for your domain is also a crucial part in improving your online presence. Extensions like .com, .org, .net and country domains like, are among the top ranking extensions. The right domain name will most likely attract more customers to your website.

SSL Certificates

When customers visit your website they want to feel safe. They want to feel that the personal information that they are providing on your website is protected from prying eyes. If they feel that they are not safe, they will leave your website and you would have lost potential clients. A way to make your customers feel secure when visiting your website is by installing an SSL Certificate. One might ask what is an SSL certificate? An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that is installed on a website to enable encryption of the data that is shared between your website and the browser that your web visitor is using. This encryption prohibits third parties or hackers from accessing information. 

Installing an SSL certificate does not only increase the trust of website visitors but it also improves your ranking on Google. Google gives top ranking to those websites that are secured. It also warns web visitors when they visit a website where there is no certificate installed thereby eroding their trust. Having a high ranking from google is a positive step towards gaining popularity online.

Maximum utilisation of Social media platforms

If there is any greater way of reaching a tremendous amount of prospective clients it is through social media platforms. Almost everyone is part of one social media platform or the other. It is therefore essential for an entrepreneur to utilize all social media platforms for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to improve visibility online. There are three major things that one should do to get the best out of social media platforms. These are:

  • Having an understanding of how each platform works
  • Linking accounts to your website
  • Interacting with the audience

Having an understanding of how each platform works

It is important for one to have a proper understanding of how each platform works and what type of audience one can find there, for example, you should understand that LinkedIn is for professionals and educative articles rather than promotions should be shared. Facebook, on the other hand is perfect for promotional material. To utilize Social media platforms effectively, you should, therefore,  do a thorough research on what type of content to post. Keep it in in mind that as an entrepreneur, you should provide valuable content to your audience. In the process you should try to use ways to captivate their attention, for example, visual material like videos and pictures. 

Linking accounts to your website

Another important thing that you should not forget is to link your profile to your website. Every post on your page should provide access to your website via a link.  Remember, the aim of creating a page will be to try and attract as many people as possible and then at the end of the day, convert them to clients. Therefore, make sure that you provide access to the services you offer always.

Interaction with the audience

Interaction with the audience on your social media platforms is a significant factor you should take into consideration when you want your presence to be felt. You should always employ good public relations to keep your audience interested. Make it a point to try to engage with your audience, make them feel that you are present. If someone posts on your page, make an effort to reply and always be professional when doing so even when they are not. If someone has a grievance, make every effort to assist them in the most professional way possible. Good customer service will always put you in the lead.  

To sum up, an improved online presence can help you reach a large number of potential clients which will in turn drive your sales upwards. Employing the measures provided above can help you, as an entrepreneur, to improve your online presence and stay on top of your game.

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