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Checklist to get revenue from your website

Simple Checklist to Get more clients from your Website

Almost every company has a website for their businesses. But most of them are not bringing clients to the business. In most cases, the website owner is not even aware that his/her website must bring in clients on a continuous basis, Eish!!! If your website is not getting you any clients, this article will help you change that.

Website Loading Speed

Let’s face it guys. Who has the patience to wait for a website that takes ages to load? Clients will bounce and look for another site that doesn’t waste their time.

How fast is fast enough?

According to Semrush, a site should take 1 – 2 seconds to load. This is a good measure even though giants like Google aim for a blink of an eye loading speeds. If your site can be optimized to be below 1 – 2 seconds, super, go for it.

How to check loading speed?

Now you may be asking how to measure the performance of my website? That’s a valid question! There are lots of free tools that you can use to measure this. You can use Google Lighthouse, Gtmetrix, or any other tool you may see fit. My favorite is Gtmetrix. A grade of A – B is okay but try to main for A. The example below is the results for the Pnrhost website.

gtmetrix results for Pnrhost

If your performance is below 50%, you need to fix this as soon as you can!

Search Engine Optimization

Clients are not looking for your website! Clients are searching for a solution to their problems. So your website should show that you understand the problem and you can provide a solution and most of all, your clients should be able to find your website!

Most website owners think that just getting a website developed is enough for them to start getting clients. And in most cases, this comes as an afterthought, imagine! I think if you don’t know why you need a website, you should not have one in the first place. If you still need help understanding why you need a website, check this article: Every Business needs a Website!

Your website must be created in a way that search engines can show the solutions/your products to your clients when they are looking for them. If your service is searched for on google and your website/product is not being shown on the first page, you are in trouble.

Website Analytics

Your website needs to be linked to website visitors analytics tools. A website owner should be interested in knowing where his/her website visitors are coming from, where are they located, and which age groups are they in? How much time are they spending on the site, which pages did they open, etc? You can use tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Inspectlet, or any other tool that suits you.

Lots of insights that come from these tools will help you in your digital marketing efforts. For example, on Facebook ads, you will understand which demographic to target, which locations to target, etc. Without the analytics, you are just doing guesswork! See the below example for the Google Analytics dashboard:

Conclusion and Next Steps

I hope the items indicated above will help you start getting some clients. You can get someone to assist with the implementation, the good this is now you know how to measure and check when the job is done. If you would like our team to do the site audit and implementation for you reach out here: Contact Us

And as always kindly share if you think the article can help someone there! Until next time.

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