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Every Business Needs a Website

Every Business needs a Website!!!

Are you wondering if your business needs a website? Or are you wondering if your website is even useful for your business? Join me as I shed more light on why you need a website. I mean a website, a website. If you are still confused about this issue, in this computer age era, it’s probably that your idea of what a website is is distorted!

So brace up for the transformation that’s about to happen 🙂

Why do you need a Website?

Now it’s no longer a question of whether or not a business needs a website, but a question of how to have a website that works! I will go soft though who still needs to be initiated on why they need a website. Here are a few reasons you need a website.


In this technological era, before a client does business with you, in most cases, they check your website. Clients will check your website against those of competitors. So it’s important that your website stands out among the crown. If you don’t have a website, well then that will be auto fail. There is just no other way.


A website gives you an opportunity to present who you are as a business to your prospective clients. Crafting your website to showcase every bit of information about the company that the client may be interested in is a recipe for success.


Not only does the information on your website help your clients become leads for your other leads capturing platforms but the website itself can be used to capture leads. These leads will be sent to a dedicated lead management software. Set up correctly this means clients will be automatically acquired by your website on your behalf – A salesperson who doesn’t sleep!

Integrated Customer Support

Many websites these days comes integrated with a live chat system. This helps your clients reach you in real-time directly from your website. Now picture this:::

– A prospective client visits your website and needs a quick answer about a product you offer. What are the chances that they will feel more safe buying from the company with a live chat widget on their website?

For more reasons you can read Why Every Business Needs a website.

So what now?

At least now you are convinced that you need a website, at least one that works. And you are wondering what you should do next. I will give this to you in two parts.

You Already Have a Website – But not performing well

It’s possible to have a useless website – forgive my language, but that’s what it is if it’s not bringing clients every day or if it’s not achieving any business goals you needed it to achieve in the first place. We can’t even call it a website! This may be because in a haste to just own a website because every business needs a website, you created something. Either yourself or with the help of an expert.

Or maybe because you didn’t understand the value a website, a proper website, can bring to your business and were not willing to invest in a properly designed website. Either way, if you continue on this path you are going to have lots of half-backed websites over a period of time! There is hope for you though:::

There is hope, your website can, can be a website!

Now that I know what you have is not a website, what should I do? Good thing you asked! Get someone to recommend tweaks on your existing website to make it work for you. Rather than throwing away what you have, you can try to improve on it. An easy way is to go on freelance sites like Fiverr or AfriBlocks and just request that you need someone redesign or do digital marketing for you. You will get lots of recommendations on how to improve your website. You can as well request us to do a free website evaluation for you.

You don’t have a website and you want one.

The most mistake that business owners make is to get worried too much about how much a website is going to cost and end up cutting corners just to get the website completed within budget, whatever that is. The main question here is how much return on investment ( ROI ) I am going to get, how long is going to take to cover your initial investment, how much income per month from your website…..

If your website is going to bring 10 000 USD per month, how can you then hire a consultant to do the work for 500 USD?

Now you may be wondering how would you know that the website is going to bring the promised income or the income that you want. Simple answer:::: Hire an Expert., check their references, check their case studies, etc.

When you hire an expert, they will always start with your end goal in mind, as Stephen Covey puts it: Begin with the End in Mind. That’s what they do for you. The starting point is to lay a foundation for you so you understand that a website is but a small component of your digital marketing strategy. At Pnrhost we do this in our free digital marketing strategy consultation session. You can book us for free using the form below:

Can I do it myself?

Yes sure!!! Sometimes you can’t seem to have the resources to pay someone for a website. That’s okay. You can use the great resources on the internet or take a short course with Udemy on web development. My warning to you is before you do anything – and possibly waste your time, take the course first or book a free digital marketing strategy session with Pnrhost first.


I hope I manage to light your path, and It is my hope that you are now clear on what you need to do next. If you got value in this article kindly leave a comment, share, and like.

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