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How to Start a Domain Registration Business

5 Easy Steps to Start a Domain Registration Business in Zimbabwe, 2023 Guide

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Want to start a domain registration business? More than 8000 domains per year are getting registered by businesses and individuals. You can check more stats on this site. The number keeps increasing every year as businesses are now digitalizing their operations. This presents an opportunity for reselling domains to businesses. This article will guide you on how to get started and scale the domain registration business.

You can also offer Domain Hosting Services together with domain registration services. You can check more on this article: 4 Easy Steps to Start a Web Hosting Business In Zimbabwe.

Why Start this Business?

Reasons for starting this kind of business may vary from just wanting to make a few extra bucks or creating fully-fledged domain registration and hosting business – One just like Pnrhost or HostGator. Here are some of the reasons:::

  • Just a side hustle to earn a few extra dollars
  • To Upsell your services – You can offer a domain on top of your existing service like web development if you are a freelancer or company registration if you do company registration.
  • To create a fully-fledged web hosting and domain registration company.

Whatever your reasons are, this guide will show you the way!

How to Get Started?

You can start as a reseller or apply to be a registrar. Applying to be a registrar may take time and requires a lot of money. So we will focus on using the reselling model in this article. You can become a reseller of another reseller, it all works fine as long as the charges are alright and the reseller is reliable. In some cases, it may be cheaper to use a reseller since the reseller may be enjoying lower pricing slabs from the registrar.

Pnrhost uses Resellme as its domain registration partner. In turn, Resellme has partnered with international and local registries to provide domains to its resellers. You can get a free reseller account when you buy reseller hosting from us or you can head to Resellme Website and signup directly.

Step 1: Register with your domains provider

Create an account with your domain reseller. Here are a few things to look for:::

  • Price – How competitive are their prices
  • Availability – Are they available for support? You don’t want to have clients on your neck about an issue with a domain while the provider is not available to assist!
  • Integration – Automation is everything! Do they have plugins and sdk that you can use to link up your systems seamlessly?

Step 2: Load Funds

Load funds to make sure orders will get processed when you push your orders through from your systems via API. This is a must if you wish to automate your business.

Step 3: Create your website

Let your clients search for available domains directly on your website and register them too. This will increase your profits. You can achieve this by linking directly to your domain provider API either via REST API or SDK.

Step 4: Connect your Billing System

With a billing system, you will get a great head start with your business. You will have a website and automation of domain registration, renewals, expiration reminders, invoicing, payments, etc. You can try out the WHMCS or the Resellme Free Billing System.

Step 5: Some marketing

Let’s face it guys, no one will know about your services if you don’t do marketing. Do some advertising and make use of digital marketing channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


I hope you have gained enough information to get started. Comment, share, and like if you like the content. And don’t forget to subscribe to receive more content updates in the future. Until next time!

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