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Software Engineering Roadmap

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Author: Raymond Tinashe Madanhi

Publish Date: September 09, 2021

How to develop as a Software Engineering Student on Industrial Attachment in approximately 48 weeks – Roadmap 2021-2022


There is a plan, a roadmap, that we can consult at any point and see where we are and where to go? As professionals we have a systematic view on a step by step approach on how to evolve, develop into a full Software Engineer and concepts that is worth tackling, in my own opinion. This Industrial Attachment is 90% – 100% virtual due to Covid-19 Regulations.


I would like to extend gratitude to mentor in Web Development and Software Engineering Mr. Privilege Nyauta who is the founder of the firm and whose expertise is invaluable and his insight feedback drives me to challenge my thinking.  Thanks for the welcome especially in this pandemic of Covid-19 where many firms has closed doors for student to acquire necessary expertise for their career, doors were opened for me to feed from their giant Web Development and Hosting company in the Region – Pnrhost.

The intention of this article is to share, from my personal experience from start until I acquire the concepts to be a full Software Engineer, on what is worth learning and take hold of. With a roadmap structure, step by step approach. I would also love to hear your views and comments on this and really start a fruitful discussion.

This article will be more helpful to Software Engineering industry and I do believe this could help someone, a student who will get to where I am, studying a degree program and going through the Professional Practice or an Industrial Attachment. In this post I will show you my personal Roadmap that I have chosen carefully, I did and I’m still doing research on the best approach on this Roadmap. This is the Week 1.


As a Software Engineer, you need to cover lots of areas of expertise.

Not only we need to master the technologies that we are developing with, but also the infrastructure where are solutions are running at. And last but not least, a given set of soft skills can really can make our life easier. So I organize the path into 3 sections:

  • Development Skills
  • Infrastructure Skills
  • Soft Skills


1. This is the representation of the concepts I intend to learn, labelled in blue boxes.

2. This is the representation of the skills I intend to learn, in lime or green boxes.

3. This is the representation of the targeted time frame I intend to learn the new skills and put them into practice, in orange boxes.

How I did a layout of my Roadmap

Development Skills

Infrastructure Skills

Note: The Learning phase for development of the new skills is not necessarily organized and one can start from anywhere as long as there’s a systematic approach to it. To add on, time frame indicated in the roadmap above heavily depends with one’s prior knowledge of the targeted technology or skill you would like to learn.

Soft Skills

I believe there’s about eight soft skills that every Software Engineer should possess namely:

  1. Problem solving skills and critical thinking
  2. Good communication
  3. People and interpersonal skills
  4. Self-awareness
  5. Self drive for self-learning
  6. Accountable
  7. Time management
  8. Emotional intelligence


It would be great if you are able to apply all your knowledge at every given situation. Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you are able to transmit all that you have gathered as experience over the years, to your fellow colleagues, and keep a great collaborative environment. In the meantime you can browse through the website for the Web Development Company I’m attached to for best web deals, domains, hosting, emails and security on:

There are several ways to learn for any given subject. But all depends on what is your way to learn and what works for you best! Also some subjects might benefit from a more hands on approach, others from conceptual forms So in the next articles I will be posting my progress from Week 1 until I finish my Industrial Attachment and I hope it will be really helpful to you. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and colleagues!

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